Who is Kaveh

My name is Kaveh Nikpour, Producer, Director, Photographer. I bought my first camera in 1976, and with that, a whole new world opened for me to explore. I started by photographing people and soon realized, those are the images with soul and images that tell stories.

Through photography, these stories reveal a wonderful way to look at life. It is a powerful instrument that allows me to capture and connect with the people I’m photographing.

Learning and exploring photography is a never-ending adventure. I am truly thrilled when I learn new ways to push the envelope, experiment and find new poses, new angles, new lighting methods, and new ways to enhance a photograph. My inspirations come from photographers all around the world. I learn to look and think outside the box and strive to be fresh.

But photography is not just about having the vision, knowing the art and the techniques, but also knowing how to relate to people, put them at ease, and capture the essence of what we have intended. Whether it is a bride and a groom, a business executive, or a professional model, I am gifted with establishing an excellent rapport with them and getting exceptional results. My clients always appreciate my great connection with them after they have had a chance to work with me.

I was told once that I see the world through my lens and I am very comfortable doing that while I capture one moment at a time.

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